I apologise for the recent closures.

My wife Gina was diagnosed with late stage bowel cancer in April & was admitted to hospital on May 31st 2022. 

She had an operation to remove a large section of her colon. The operation wasn't a success & she was readmitted to a hospital in Bristol with sepsis.

She had four more operations to close the hole in her bowel & has spent July in recovery. She is at home & I am caring for her.

One of the MRI scans to check if the infection had cleared revealed stage four cancer. She has eight metastasis in her liver. Further PET scans show that it hasn't spread anywhere else.

Gina started chemotherapy at home on August 15th 2022. The shop should reopen later this week, when she feels well enough to navigate the stairs on her own. 

Opening hours are likely to vary over the next twelve weeks.

The Love Glastonbury Community Food pantry is run by volunteers & will still open at the usual times.

Check back here for more information on opening hours.

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