Audio Restoration & Transfer Service

Audio Restoration & Transfer Service

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Easily transfer your CD, mini disc or tapes to lossless audio and .mp3 with this transfer service.

Let Sonus Magus professionally transfer your analog media into any number of digital formats.

Back in the eighties cassette gave people the freedom to carry music wherever we went. Nowadays that battery consuming Walkman is probably wearing you down? Or maybe you threw it in a drawer years ago and forgot about it?

Back then, hearing hi-fidelity stereo recordings from a device in your pocket was almost unimaginable. If you are a musician, you’ve probably played people your demo on cassette. I’ll bet you posted it to A&R departments, or venues to get a gig? Maybe you used cassette in a portastudio, or even its successor, mini disc, or DAT.

If you recorded in a studio and noticed the tech looked complicated back then, you’ll be astounded when you see what we can do for you now!

So, think about letting the professionals restore your legacy. And you might want to imagine the nostalgia trip, when you hear your old recordings on 21st century technology.

 Sonus Magus have professionally transferred cassette, mini disc, reel to reel and other media into a number of digital formats, including:

  • 78 rpm
  • 8 Track cassette
  • Cassette & Multitrack cassette
  • Dictation & Micro cassette
  • Mini disc (some multitrack formats) ATRAC, ATRAC3
  • PCMCIA card
  • SD Card (some multitrack formats)
  • Tape
  • Vinyl EPs, LPs and Singles 
  • WMA



We mail your original media back to you along with an MS-DOS formatted USB stick containing Broadcast WAV files, FLAC (lossless) and 320kbps.mp3, 256kbps.mp3, 128kbps.mp3 or any digital format of your choice.

Multi tracks can be returned in Ableton, Logic, or Reaper session with a click track (add multiple items to basket).


We use Akai, Denon, JVC, Sony, TASCAM and TEAC equipment, monitored through Genelec near field monitors and synced with a ZSys jitter free word clock.


Sonus Magus can also provide a quote for audio restoration, editing and mastering using CEDAR, iZotope Ozone and RX and Sony, to enhance results by reducing unwanted noise.

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