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The Drum Kit You Need to Start

A full kit, built to help make you a drummer. The DD400 is a standard drum kit, coming with three toms, a snare drum, kick-drum, hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbals. The built-in control unit allows you to access training programs and different drum sounds through its clear LCD screen.

Time is precious. You probably don’t want to spend it figuring out complex menus or assigning buttons. That’s why the DD400’s control unit is designed with simple, clear menus to access the sounds you want.


Alongside those, it has hardware buttons to quickly select features and control your settings, which includes a click function that lets you practise your timing.


Explore Drumming with Ease

You’re going to have plenty of things to discover. The DD400 comes with ten different pre-programmed drum kits to use straight away. You can also create your own custom drum kits, and with 108 different drum sounds, you’re free to explore the drumming in your favourite genres.

They do say practice makes perfect. So, if you’re looking to start drumming or improve your skills, the DD400 comes packed with training tools. You’ll be able to practise more thanks to the headphone jack, which means you hear the drums but no one else does. You won't get noise complaints from anyone, whether they’re in the room next to you, or down the street.

You’ll also find 40 different drum patterns (of different time signatures and rhythms) pre-installed, ready for you to drum along to.

Built for Practicality

The ideal choice for homes and space limited studios. Designed to be foldable and compact, you don’t need a lot of space to use the DD400. You can even store it away, then when you need it just unfold it, turn it on, and play straight away (it boots up instantly).

You don’t have to worry about getting over enthusiastic. The DD400 can withstand heavy playing as it uses a tubular aluminium build. You’ll find it easy to transport too, the use of aluminium means it’s strong but light enough to carry easily.

The Kit that Keeps up with You

You’ll be ready to record in no time. Coming with both USB and MIDI connections, it can plug straight into a computer, and from there you can use a DAW to record your playing.

Maybe you aren’t ready to record yet. No sweat. Practise by drumming along to your favourite songs thanks to the aux-in port, which lets you connect a smartphone or mp3 player. Maybe you’re planning to play live? Excellent! Stereo output means you can plug into an amp and play loud.

You might be starting to get the idea. The DD400 electronic drum kit is for everybody. Become the drummer you want to be.

If you need all the kit to get started, check out the DD400 package deal, which includes a stool and headphones or the DD400 amp pack, which includes a stool, headphones and the SubZero DR-30 drum monitor.



DD400 Kit Pads

  • 3 Tom Pads (single trigger)
  • 1 Snare Pad (single trigger)
  • 1 Crash Pad (single trigger)
  • 1 Hi Hat Pad (single trigger)
  • 1 Ride Pad (single trigger)
  • Bass Drum Control Pedal
  • Hi Hat Control Pedal

DD400 Control Unit

  • 108 Different Individual Drum Sounds
  • 10 Pre-programmed Kit Types
  • 40 Training Patterns
  • 1 Demo Song
  • LED Display
  • Pattern/Kit/Voice/Click Indicators


  • Trigger Input
  • 9V DC Power Jack
  • Phones
  • Aux in (stereo jack)
  • USB Port
  • MIDI Out Jack
  • Line Output (L/mono & R)


  • Power Switch
  • Master Volume Knob
  • Start/Stop
  • Click/Demo
  • Mode/Tempo Increase
  • Page/Tempo Decrease
  • +/- Buttons

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