Ibanez Musician Series MC924-DS Electric Bass


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July 1982


Terada Musical Instrument Co. Ltd. Nagano, Japan



The Musician series was introduced in 1979 with the MC-800 and MC-900 models, which were available in natural (NT) and "dark-stain" (DS) finishes.[1] List price for the MC-800 was $655.00 USD for the NT finish and $665.00 USD for the DS finish. List price for the MC-900 was $775.00 USD for the NT finish and $785.00 USD for the DS finish.[2] The MC-800 was a single-pickup design, while the MC-900 had two pickups and a three-band EQ.

The 1980 price list retains the MC-800 and MC-900, in both NT and DS finishes, but adds the MC-824, MC-924, MC-940, and MC-980 (8-string), all of which were DS models.[3]

The 1981 catalog lists four models: MC-824, MC-924, MC-924L, and MC-940. All four models were DS models, as the natural (NT) finish was no longer an option. The MC-824 was the base model, the MC-924 added a three-band EQ. The MC-924L was a left-handed version of the MC-924. The MC-940 was a fretless version of the same.

Believe this to be an MC-924 DS. Overall in good condition with some marking commensurate with age.

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