Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier


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Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier

Why buy new when you can get a knackered one second hand that will sound the same and is already half way to landfill when you can’t be bothered to practice

Feeling like a rocker? At least take off the tie, let me tell you how crazy you look dressed like a bank teller and thinking you’ve made the big time

Glasto isn’t a place for literary fools, we’ve got bards and poets and blokes wearing tights with pointy shoes 

Turn this bad boy up and your ears are going to bleed

Comes with a free pack of Pirate plasters to stick on your ears when your eardrums blow, or over your thumbs when it electrocutes you

Tested, it annoyed my neighbours

Maybe it’s your turn?

(the original price is a total lie)

Yes, it’s second hand, I said that already, it’s tagged PRELOVED to make it sound more appealing 

All the pictures are the same!

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