Root Chakra Hand Drum

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Key product features

  • Sturdy red wooden frame
  • Natural hide drum head
  • Popular and versatile hand drum
  • Size 25cm

This is a frame drum, which is played by hand.

It comes with a strong natural goat skin head stretched over a sturdy, bright red wooden frame.

This versatile instrument can be played with hands, mallets or sticks to create different sounds.

RED governs the CROWN chakra.

From Wikipedia

Dormant Kundalini is often said to be resting here, wrapped three and a half, or seven or twelve times. Sometimes she is wrapped around the black Svayambhu linga, the lowest of three obstructions to her full rising (also known as knots or granthis). It is symbolised as a four-petaled lotus with a yellow square at its center representing the element of earth.

The seed syllable is Lam for the earth element (pronounced lum),. All sounds, words and mantras in their dormant form rest in the muladhara chakra, where Ganesha resides, while the Shakti is Dakini. The associated animal is the elephant.

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