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The Ibanez Premium line of guitars offer up the same principles of quality that make their Prestige line so strong though at a much more affordable price. The RG970WQMZ in particular is a stunning guitar that features a beautiful quilted maple top with a firey hot Blazing Dusk finish. Like all Ibanez guitars the quality is second to none and the hardware used makes this a great buy for any rock / metal musician that likes their guitar to stay out of the way so your hands can do the talking.

Premium Treatment

The RG series now has 5 different variants. You're looking at the RG Premium which is underpinned by 3 principles: Precision, Performance and Playability. To get this guitar playing at its best, the guys at Ibanez asked for insights and suggestions from musicians around the world to create a guitar that you just cant put down. With the RG970WQMZ You're looking at the latest manufacturing and design innovations from Ibanez.

New Construction

It wouldn't be an Ibanez RG without the thin wizard neck but what makes this different is the woods used. You still get the standard American basswood body though this time with a quilted maple top. You also still get the normal rosewood fretboard but this time it is on a 5 piece wenge/bubinga neck. wenge and bubinga are both woods you would normally find in bass guitar neck as they are very strong and can handle a lot of tension. That is exactly why it is perfect for this guitar. You can tune lower, add thicker strings and set up exactly how you want without having to worry about the structural integrity of the guitar.

Your Tone Anywhere

We all know how bad it can be to turn up to a gig and not be able to get the sound you want out of the house gear. Part of that pain is taken away with these DiMarzio IBZ pickups designed to work specifically with the Ibanez RG. They have a relatively flat yet clear response and a fairly hot output so whatever sound you want you know you are carrying around a versatile guitar that can get your sound.

More Control For You

The Ibanez designed Edge Zero II tremolo is a great tremolo that does not fall out of tune no matter how hard you hit it. If that was all it would be great but Ibanez didn't want to leave it there so their introduced the Zero Point system. WIth this small control on the back of the guitar you can adjust the spring tension quickly and easily so your guitar always plays as it should. No more worrying about cracking open the back of your guitar just before you hit the stage.


  • Wizard 5pc Wenge/Bubinga neck
  • Quilted Maple top/American Basswood body
  • Bound Rosewood fretboard w/Mother of Pearl offset dot inlay
  • Jumbo frets w/Premium fret edge treatment
  • DiMarzio IBZ pickups
  • Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge w/ZPS3Fe
  • Cosmo black hardware

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