Lounsberry Pedals "Rupert" bass overdrive preamp with two outputs


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"Rupert" bass overdrive preamp with two outputs
The Rupert Bass Overdrive is a fat sounding tubelike preamp and overdrive for Bass Gutar.

Rupert is a multi stage FET preamp with gain staging and Germanium diodes that sounds and plays a lot more like a bass guitar amp than a pedal. It is a very responsive bass overdrive that can go from warm semi-clean tubelike bass tone to the '60's era arena rock fuzz driven crunch tones. It's a great pedal for Rush, King Crimson and King's X tones.

The amazing thing about the Rupert, is that it provides the dynamic touch response of a vintage tube amplifier. It makes a small bass amp sound massive. It's like a tiny Concert Arena for your bass guitar!

ABOUT GAIN STAGING: Discrete preamps provide gain in several stages, so that a lot of what happens to provide the right amounts of drive and compression in a preamp is determined by how many discrete stages are employed, and their levels, determining how the stages interact.

The Rupert is THE pedal for bass players, adding a rich sounding tube-like touch to your sound. Output 1 will have the true-bypass-switchable Rupert effect, where output 2 has an "always on" FET preamp for direct recording.

* preamp/overdrive pedal especially for bass guitars and bass synthesizers
* multi stage low gain analog FET overdrive with germanium diodes
* gain and level controls
* output 2 for "FET always on" direct recording
* true bypass switch
* all metal casing with Mark Hershberger artist print
* made in USA by Greg Lounsberry
* 9V battery or DC power supply (not included)
* 300 grams
* 14x8x8cm (packaging included)

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