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Vega Celtic Hand Pan

These beautiful hand pans are hand crafted to perfection in Devon, England.

Making a hand pan is an art form.

Good quality hand pans provide a unique form of expression for musicians and sound healers alike. 

  • Best quality 1.2mm rust treated steel
  • Accurate, stable tuning and intonation with long sustain
  • Clear harmonics on both axes of every note
  • Desirable deep scale with beautiful overtones
  • Suitable for professional musicians and sound healing
  • Easy to maintain using provided polish and a soft cloth
  • Mesmerising colours
  • Handcrafted in Devon, Great Britain
  • Other scales made to order
 Size Standard size (22" ~ 56cm)
Material Steel
Scale B2 celtic minor (B2, F#, A, B, C#, D, E, F, A)
Number of tones 8 + 1
Made in the UK
Package Includes:
1 x Hand Pan
NB Extreme environments may affect the tone. Hand pans are precision instruments and tuning may change if played in direct sunlight, or hit excessively hard. Should not be stored in a bag or case.

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