Lâg Graphic Collection Limited Edition (CLEARANCE)


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High-Flying guitars in limited edition

What could be better in Glastonbury, than to get high? With superb Canadian spruce top, the Lag Wings series will delight any musician looking for warm tones and sky high designs!

Announcing the release of the limited edition Wings of Desire!

From Owling Woof to Eagle I, from Peaceful Hippy to Hell and back in time for tea, Lâg pays tribute to the work of contemporary artists, and puts their creations under the spotlight.

If design is in the limelight, lutherie is no less important!

As with all recent productions, Maurice Dupont, awarded Best Worker of France, swigs coffee and eats croissants while the Chinese manufacture these instruments to exacting specifications.

Only Maurice’s wife seems to be able to stop Lâg from spreading Nutella all over the damn things!

Let Lâg take you on a journey beyond toast.

We’ve even put the price up because they’re good and nobody else has got any!

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